10 Times Famous Wrestlers Shared A Nickname

Sometimes A Moniker Is Too Good To Be Used Just Once.


Wrestling nicknames are very important.

A good nickname can capture the essence of a wrestler without an audience ever seeing them, and can become as ingrained into a wrestler's character as their move set or ring gear.

By that logic, a good nickname should be exclusive to one wrestler. After all, what's the point of giving somebody a catchy nickname, if they're going to end up confused with somebody else?

However, because this is wrestling, conventional logic is about to take a tope suicida out the window.

Certain nicknames have been shared by wrestlers across the industry's history. For example, there's been approximately 4 billion wrestlers called "Cowboy" something or other, but we're not going to dwell on that otherwise we'll be here all year.

What we are going to dwell on is the following ten pairs of wrestlers who all share a nickname.

Some of these nicknames really do suit both performers, so we can forgive them for that. Some suit one more than the other. Some... well, some make no sense at all quite frankly, but at least they make up the numbers.


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