10 Times Vince McMahon Screwed His Own Talent

"I'm rich as hell and I'm not gonna pay you anymore!"

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Ever since David Wolff gave him the idea for the Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection and hooked him up with MTV, Vincent Kennedy McMahon has been obsessed with going mainstream - and back then he’d only just started going national.

The irony is that despite his ambition and his desperation to leave rasslin’ behind, McMahon isn’t very good at being a mainstream corporate business fella. The only ideas of his own - the WBF, the XFL, grafting Linda into the Senate - were extravagant failures, getting off the ground through chutzpah alone (and an investment of umpteen millions of dollars) only to crash and burn.

No, there’s one thing that Vince McMahon is better at than anyone else in the world - and it’s the one thing he doesn’t want to be. An old school wrestling promoter.

You know, long hours and loud suits, starring in his own product, pushing his favourites despite the vocal urging of his audience. Playing dirty tricks and holding vicious grudges; surrounding himself with talent and nurturing a reputation for genius based on exploiting that talent.

He’s wrestling’s original horrible boss, the carny king of the screwjob. We’re skating past the 22nd anniversary of the most infamous screwjob the business has ever seen... but is that the only time Vince McMahon has screwed his own talent?

No chance. No chance in hell.


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