10 Times Wrestlers Lost Their Minds In Matches

Brock Lesnar doesn't half love going nuts at the Royal Rumble...

Bobby Fish CM Punk

Wrestlers are a rather unpredictable bunch, aren't they?

While 99.9% of the time these gifted in-ring workers will keep things completely professional and stick entirely to the script handed to them before stepping in-between the ropes, there's always a chance that one of these performers will suddenly have a somewhat shocking change of heart mid-match.

And by "change of heart", your writer means deciding in the thick of a contest that they were either done protecting their rivals, uncontrollably furious over an utterly botched moment, or wanted to bizarrely change the pre-planned finish after some apparent miscommunication.

Though it's not always clear to those watching on inside of arenas and around the world that a wrestler has shockingly lost it in the middle of the squared-circle, other times it's painfully obvious when things have taken an unexpected and often quite violent turn.

Shockingly ripping through the ringside area, petulantly screaming their silly heads off during a contest, or even viciously beating the p*ss out of their colleagues out of nowhere, these wrestlers all well and truly snapped at some point after the bell rang.

10. Brock Lesnar Goes Off-Script In The Royal Rumble

Bobby Fish CM Punk

Brock Lesnar tends to do whatever the hell Brock Lesnar feels like doing that day.

But you likely knew that well before he decided to go on an off-script rampage at this year's Royal Rumble PLE.

That doesn't make the sight of a monstrous former UFC Heavyweight Champion bulldozing much of the ringside area inside of a dome any less terrifying to behold, though. And it's even more frightening with the knowledge of Brock's latest explosion at the Rumble being anything but fully planned.

Now sure, Lesnar was always scheduled to get a little brassed off after being eliminated by Bobby Lashley in the titular bout. However, the spots involving the big lad using steel steps as a weapon and launching referee Eddie Orengo straight over the barricade caught most of the folks inside and outside of the ring off-guard.

In fact, Lesnar going utterly mad during this particular scheduled freakout may have even resulted in said ref injuring his foot on the night, according to rumours around the time.

Some backstage were understandably fuming with this 'Beast's idea of nutty improvisation, but WWE will always need their Brock and the entire meltdown was all but forgotten about by Elimination Chamber.


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