10 Times Wrestlers Were Confronted By THEMSELVES!

9. Kane

Sting Fake nWo Sting WCW

At one point in time, wrestling fans saw the Undertaker be revealed to be behind the Kane mask as part of an elaborate ruse, but 2006 saw the Big Red Machine confronted with a fully-fledged Kane doppelganger that spent several weeks tormenting him.

To look at, this faux Devil's Favourite Demon was very much Kane-lite. His physique was notably smaller, his mannerisms weren't quite right, he was slightly shorter than the real Kane even when having his height boosted by a fluffed-up wig, and the hair... oh man, the '80s metal hair.

When the pair finally had a match a month into this story, Imposter Kane actually picked up the W in a seven-minute bout at the Vengeance PPV. In typical WWE fashion, a quick change of heart was at play, with the fake Kane attacked and kicked off of WWE TV by the real Kane on the very next night's Raw.

That Imposter Kane would be Drew Hankinson, who would resurface on WWE programming a year later as Festus. These days, of course, Festus is far better known as Luke Gallows.

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