10 Times Wrestlers Were Injured By The Fans

Idiotic wrestling fans who stabbed, shot, threw objects at and injured the stars.

Kalisto Fan Attack

Wrestlers don't sign up for bump class hoping to be stabbed, shot, dinged in the head with a battery/bottle/some other flying object or injured. It's actually surprising that more injuries don't occur considering the thousands of matches that happen every year, but that speaks to the skill of those men and women who haul on the tights.

Then, you get a*shole fans who spoil the fun.

Most wrestling fans are able to behave themselves at shows - they cheer, they boo, they chant, they like some stuff, they think other stuff sucks etc etc. That's fine, but putting one's hands on a performer or harming them in any way absolutely isn't. Sadly, as this clutch of incidents shows, some just can't grasp that simple premise.

Everyone from Roman Reigns and Roddy Piper to Shawn Michaels and Kalisto has been injured in some form or fashion by fan attacks. Before them, retro classics like Blackjack Mulligan, 'Classy' Freddie Blassie and more suffered even more heinous encounters that perfectly illustrate how wild the biz once was.

"Was"? OK, maybe not. Wrestling still is wild in some respects, and these entries prove it...

10. Kalisto

Kalisto Fan Attack

You may/may not pay attention to WWE's 205 Live brand. The Cruiserweight show is largely defunct thanks to other (more important programming) like Raw, SmackDown and NXT, but it's still chugging away. Being honest, it was on the company periphery back in 2017 too, which is why some might've missed this nasty moment.

Poor Kalisto.

The high-flyer was on his way to the ring on the 19 December episode when someone thought it'd be neat to throw a full, unopened bottle of water at his head. The bottle cracked Kalisto right on the mouth, and he ended up recovering at ringside whilst medics checked him over.

His wife Abby posted a grim pic of the injury afterwards on Twitter. She couldn't believe that somebody would be so reckless, or that a bottle of water caused countless stitches, an MRI and a "possible fracture" for Kalisto.

Merry Christmas, eh?

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