10 Times Wrestlers Were Injured By The Fans

9. Raven

Kalisto Fan Attack
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Thunder was almost WCW's answer to 205 Live. Or, maybe that dubious distinction would go to Saturday Night. However one slices it, Thunder wasn't quite flagship programming. Still, it did feature one of the most alarming moments of 1998.

On 9 April that year, Raven cut his standard mopey promo in the corner of the ring. Suddenly, without warning, a fan pulled him out to ringside by the hair mid-speech and started rag-dolling everyone's favourite Nirvana-loving wrestler around. Later, Raven told several podcasts that he thought Kanyon was performing a run-in, so he rolled with it.

It wasn't until he regained his bearings that Raven spotted the fan being hauled off by security. "Injured" might be pushing it here, but the then-WCW United States Champion surely lost some bloody clumps of hair from his mane that night, and he was a little shaken up.

Still finished his promo though, because of course he did. What a pro.

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