10 Times Wrestlers Were Literally Given Championships

9. Mark Henry (WWF European Title)

After three long years of trying to establish himself on the WWE roster, the stress of road life had finally taken its toll on Mark Henry.

Embracing his philandering tendencies, Henry gave himself the nickname 'Sexual Chocolate' and began pursuing Chyna and her cross-dressing friend.

Blinded by his womanising, Henry was led astray by Jeff Jarrett, who convinced him to turn on his long time partner D-Lo Brown in their match at SummerSlam in his favour.

In return, Jarrett simply handed over his prestigious European title to Henry as a reward for his assistance. Just like that, Sexual Chocolate had 'won' his first wrestling championship.

Henry's run as champion wouldn't last long as he lost it to Brown merely a month later.

In an attempt to patch things up with D-Lo, Henry revealed to the world he had been suffering with a sex addiction, since losing his virginity at eight-years old - to his sister.

Henry went on to embrace his affliction, romancing Mae Young, with whom he later went on to father a hand with.


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