10 Times WWE Was Even Dumber Than WCW

10. Gary 'The Goat' Garbutt

"Hey Drew, that janitor actually looks jacked...should we be scared?"

"No. I'll kick his head off, quickly and with ease."


And so ends the bizarre tale of Gary 'The Goat' Garbutt.

On the July 8, 2019 RAW, Shane McMahon, in conflict with Roman Reigns, used his power to decide his tag team partner for that night's main event. Being nefarious and that, he selected a janitor he found backstage. This man was tall, and he walked with a limp. Cedric Alexander is average in height, and is a professional athlete in his physical prime. Shane and his partner, Drew McIntyre, ordered Gary to wear a mask.

"Because we're so recognised all over the world, we don't want that to be a burden for you," Shane explained. Shane here handed Roman the gun, complete with bullets, enabling him to concoct a ruse. Except those bullets were blanks, because it was only Cedric Alexander. Cedric hid under the mask, and when he was accidentally tagged in, continued the ruse by feigning terror and attempting to get out of the ring. It was then that the masterplan revealed itself: Cedric unleashed a barrage of explosive offence, and then got dropped with a Claymore Kick flush in the head!

He then unmasked with...a beaming, gotcha smile. Gotcha! I just got my ass kicked, and I'm super happy about it.

Eddie Guerrero used to pull scamp stunts like this, but his catchphrase wasn't "I lie, I cheat, I get my face caved in!"


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