10 UFC Fights That Need To Happen In 2020

9. Cejudo Vs. Cruz

Anything to do with Dominick Cruz is a little up in the air right now due to the fact that the former UFC Bantamweight Champion is still recovering from a shoulder injury that's seen him completely ruled out of action for the past year. But still, The Dominator is always a fighter that fight fans are desperate to see make a return to the Octagon.

Cruz hasn't fought for three years now, with injuries plaguing him during that time - much like they did in years prior - but there's always a thought amongst fans that the charismatic fighter is always one step away from returning to the Octagon and going on a dominant run. And if Cruz is indeed on track to be back training and in fighting shape by the turn of the year, one fight that sells itself is Dominick Cruz vs. Henry Cejudo.

While Cruz has rightly had his credentials bigged up here, Cejudo is a phenom of a fighter. The current UFC Bantamweight Champion and UFC Flyweight Champion, Cejudo is one of only four fighters in the history of UFC to hold two titles simultaneously.

The question that most fans now have, is whether or not Henry Cejudo could topple the clinical, surgical precision of Dominick Cruz.


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