10 Underrated Wrestling Promos

9. CM Punk - "The Best Vs. The Beast"

When people mention high-quality CM Punk promos, they usually mention his ROH heel turn promo, his "Straight-Edge Society" promos on Jeff Hardy, and that one other promo he did that one time. However, people seem to forget about this one, even though it was probably the last good promo he cut in his wrestling career.

Little did we know it, but CM Punk had largely "checked out" of professional wrestling by August 2013. Nevertheless, as he was heading into a feud with Brock Lesnar (which culminated in an absolutely excellent match at SummerSlam), he dug deep to deliver yet another one of his passionate, articulate, and story-like promos.

Following the "exposition" portion of his promo, CM Punk made a bold assertion - "I am not afraid of Brock Lesnar." With ardent demeanor and fervent delivery, Punk declared that he would be the one to "best" The Beast once and for all. His diatribe was later interrupted by Paul Heyman (another microphone maven), making an already-fantastic segment even more fantastic.

Punk always had a special talent for engrossing crowds using only his words, and this promo was no different.

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