10 Underrated Wrestling Promos

8. The Miz – “How Many Moments Do You Two Get?”

This one may not be as vastly underrated as some others on this list, but it kind of falls by the wayside in favor of his famous Talking Smack promo. But this one may very well be just as good.

See. regular wrestling promos are great and all, but there's nothing quite like a promo that blurs the lines between kayfabe and reality. The Miz does this better than just about anybody on the WWE roster today.

In this particular promo, Miz lays into Roman Reigns and John Cena for taking "moments" away from people like him, who bust their a** week in and week out and get nothing in return. As he progresses through the promo, you can see the intensity in his eyes and feel his genuine frustration crescendo up to the incredible closing line to Cena - "your shirt says 'Respect: Earn It'? I've earned it for twelve damn years! Where is my moment?!"

It's pretty incredible how The Miz has been able to legitimize himself as a threat through his words alone. But he has - so much so that he's made everyone forget that he was once just a reality TV star masquerading as a wrestler.

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