10 Unlikely Outside Bets To Join Bray Wyatt’s New WWE Stable

9. Elektra Lopez

Cameron Grimes Bray Wyatt Sasha Banks

Fans of NXT will know that, for much of their run on the developmental brand, Legado Del Fantasma were accompanied by their manager Elektra Lopez. However, when Santos Escobar lost a street fight to Tony D’angelo at NXT Heatwave, the stipulation meant Santos was forced to leave NXT behind.

Escobar did make one more appearance on the Shawn Michaels-helmed show, picking up the rest of the gang in a van. Lopez was there, joining her stablemates in driving off into the metaphorical sunset. However, when Legado Del Fantasma rocked up on SmackDown, poor old Elektra was nowhere to be seen. She has been usurped by the more well known and tenured Zelina Vega.

Of course, Vega has experience in the managerial role and was widely credited with helping to get Andrade over, back when Triple H played a more hands on role with NXT. It makes sense for Trips to want a trusted talent to help LDF to succeed. That said, in purely kayfabe terms, she did very little for clients Austin Theory and Angel Garza.

So is this just a case of Lopez getting binned off in favour of a safer pair of hands? Or has she been kept apart on purpose? Is Elektra earmarked for a role in an altogether spookier stable? A main roster debut alongside a star of Wyatt’s calibre could be a big opportunity for a fresh talent.


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