10 Ways AEW Is Nothing Like TNA

'LOL, AEW' is never going to become a thing, for a wide variety of reasons.


The similarities between AEW and TNA are clear. Both are wrestling promotions, for a start. That one is a little difficult to miss. What's more, they are both American-based promotions that exist outside of the grubby palms of Vincent Kennedy McMahon, the evil overlord of all things professional wrestling. Comparisons between the two are going to be obvious for that reason alone, and the virulent nature of hardcore WWE fans means that any excuse to pessimistically lambast AEW is going to be taken.

Plenty of similarities, sure, but even the most cursory glance will show that AEW and TNA are completely different entities. 2020 isn't 2002, despite sharing all the same numbers. The entire world has changed in those 18 years, not least the pro wrestling business, and assuming that AEW is going to go the way of TNA is that most pointless of combinations; bad faith plus bad science, an equation that leads up blind alleys and nowhere else.

What are the main differences between AEW and TNA? Who, what, where, why and when covers a lot of it, although 'not being built around Jeff Jarrett' and 'planning' do a good job of filling the bones. AEW is nothing like TNA, even in the ways that it is vaguely similar.

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