10 Ways WWE Can Appeal To The Teenage Demographic

8. Harness Social Media And YouTube

Adam Cole NXT

That infamous Batman: Dark Knight Rises line sums up today's teens: "You simply adopted [the internet]. I was born in to it."

Smartphones have become an extra appendage to teens and if WWE wants to appeal to them, they must integrate social media and YouTube in to their future business model.

It’s oxymoronic to try to boost the TV ratings by appealing to an audience who doesn’t watch TV anymore. But, they do consume content: billions of hours of YouTube and Instagram. Kids filming vlogs in their mum’s living rooms are pulling the type of weekly viewership on YouTube that would make Vince pale. Imagine if WWE used their YouTube channel for more than just clips and highlights? They already have 45 million subscribers, which is a testament to the voracious appetite of their existing fan base. Now imagine if every video they uploaded received even as many views?.

Cut the cord and expand online. That’s where the teens are. Not sitting in the living room gathered around the TV watching Monday Night Raw. You’re more likely to find today’s teenager in their room listening to Spotify, streaming on Netflix, while they flick through WWE’s Snapchat highlights of their latest PPV. This is how this demographic consumes content. If WWE doesn’t realise that, then they'll never be able to get them back.

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