10 Ways WWE Can Appeal To The Teenage Demographic

9. Sex Appeal

Adam Cole NXT

Sex sells. Sex titillates. Teens want to be titillated.

Again, looking to Netflix and TV in general aimed towards teenagers there is sex. A lot of sex. Of course there is, previous generations had American Pie, this generation has Teen Wolf. Everyone is young, sexy, smouldering and no other body type exists except for gym lean and ripped.

If WWE wants to appeal to this audience they need to reintroduce sex appeal to wrestling. However, we have come a long way and there aren't many out there left who want to see French maid matches. This doesn’t mean wrestling can’t be sexy. Ronda Rousey and Paige Vanzant could snap you in half, but UFC never shied away from their obvious sex appeal in marketing them and it never diminished their in ring standing in the eyes’ of fans.

WWE is full of sexy young men and women, and there is no harm in playing to that. More than sex appeal, teens love drama and romance. While WWE does these storylines horribly, the fact is you can watch any teen drama and find any number of love triangles and squares.

Who doesn’t want to see the slimy, yet strangely attractive, older guy Randy pushing up on Becky while Seth looks on forlorn?

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