10 WCPW Championship Rumble Facts You Need To Know

9. Primate Has Most Eliminations In The Shortest Time

primate liam slater
Oli Sandler / The Ringside Perspective

If the Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble proved anything, it's that Primate is one of the most dangerous and feared men in all of WCPW; even though he was eventually thrown over the top rope by Joe Hendry, the 3-minute barrage of violence Primate inflicted on those in the ring was enough to turn heads.

In just 180 seconds of ring time, the single most hardcore man in WCPW managed to score a pinfall victory over Joe Coffey (after the 'Iron Man' had impressively lasted over 22 minutes in the match) and then brutally smashed Liam Slater to the point that the youngster was knocked out cold and thus unable to continue.

Under the guidance of James R. Kennedy, the beast that is Primate will be smarting from his 'Best Of 7 Series' loss to Rampage, and he'll therefore be out to prove a point.

Such explosive power and the knowledge that his charge destroyed two men in just a few minutes will give Kennedy confidence. This may be the moment Primate realises his full potential, and that could spell disaster for Drew Galloway's title reign.


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