10 WCW Ideas Eric Bischoff Can Use To Boost SmackDown

It may have been dead for 18 years, but WCW can still offer up ways to improve the SmackDown brand.


It’s absolutely crazy to think that World Championship Wrestling has been dead and buried for a whopping 18 years now, yet fans still look back at Ted Turner’s rasslin’ promotion with misty eyes over all the great memories. Well, great memories and Buff Bagwell’s mom on a pole. Oh, and David Arquette as World Champion.

The promotion may have had some utterly bizarre and ludicrous moments at times, but when it was really in its stride, WCW delivered some of the most all-out entertaining wrestling television fans have ever seen. Moments such as the formation of the nWo, Sting’s transformation, the unstoppable rise of Bill Goldberg, and even the 1995 return of Lex Luger all live long in the memory.

With former WCW head Eric Bischoff recently announced as the new Executive Director of SmackDown, many are hoping that the addition of Eazy E to the blue brand will help facilitate a major creative overhaul of the WWE’s weekly Tuesday night offering.

Looking back at his days in WCW, here are ten ideas and concepts that Bischoff could turn to as he looks to put his own stamp on SmackDown Live.


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