10 WCW Managers You Totally Don’t Remember

Ex and future WWE stars worked as managers in WCW, and most people don't even know it!

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Classic WCW managers/valets include Jimmy Hart, Harley Race, Miss. Elizabeth, Paul Heyman (as Paul E. Dangerously) and Sherri Martel. All of those names acted as ringside pests or promo machines for some of the best in the company, and their legacies live on fondly in the minds of wrestling fans.

Then, there are the forgotten few.

WCW actually put more emphasis on managers in the 1990s than WWE - the company had way more valets than they knew what to do with towards the end too. The Nitro Girls, for example, pretty much all spun out of their original mid-ad break dance routines to work sideshow angles with varying levels of success.

One of them is featured here, and you probably don't remember her story at all. The same could be said for everyone else on this list though. There are some long-forgotten gimmicks to relive, including bumbling English gentlemen, computer-obsessed tech-heads, creepy puppet masters sitting on polystyrene thrones, dominatrix-ish sex symbols, masked menaces and even pop-star doppelgängers.

It's a bizarre collection of oddities that even the most hardcore of WCW fans would have trouble recalling.

10. Sir William

Scott Steiner Censored

Like this absolute bro.

Most will know the chap on the right. That's current NXT General Manager and all-round gent William Regal, but who's the fella' with the glasses next to him? That'd be 'Sir William', a character played by ring veteran Bill Dundee for a short spell in the mid-1990s.

The gimmick was Dundee's only big break in the company. He carried himself like an old-timey English gentleman and accompanied Regal to ringside during his run as a 'Lord'. It was rather short-lived; WCW suits obviously didn't see much for Sir William beyond that sole association, and they cut ties with him when Regal moved on to other things.

Dundee went back to the independent scene and still actively wrestling despite being well into his 70s. He barely made a dent on WCW with his one run, but at least Bill got to help Regal snare the TV Title during their time together.


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