10 WCW Moments That Weren’t Supposed To Happen

World Championship Whoopsies.

WCW's success as a whole was never meant to happen.

This was a company that didn't draw a dime until Eric Bischoff used his business savvy to finally squeeze some profit in the mid-90s. Not content to stop there, the Bisch shocked everyone by going head-to-head with Vince McMahon and kicking the WWF's ass for 83 consecutive weeks. He helped turn the second-rate WCW brand into a hip, happening machine.

Then, just as quickly as killer ideas like the nWo and Nitro arrived, the place started falling to pieces. By the late-90s, WCW was an out-of-control monster that had gorged itself on excess. It was also the go-to place for wrestling fans who wanted to see something totally horrific - a car crash come to life via wrestling TV, if you like.

It always had been that way, even during the good times.

Don't let anyone tell you differently. For all the millions of dollars that WCW made during its peak, it still served up silliness by the truckload and was home to many moments that were never planned. These are the best ones...


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