10 Weirdest Wrestling Characters (That Actually Worked)

8. Papa Shango

By January of 1992, pro wrestling had already seen a ballet dancer, several wild-eyed savages, a couple of Kings and a €˜Human Orchid€™ (a €˜No-Prize€™ to anyone who can name the wrestlers hinted at here). So, perhaps the time was right for a Voodoo practitioner. WWF had experienced so much success with the debut of The Undertaker two years earlier that it was obviously thrilled to introduce another spooky, supernatural character. The Papa Shango gimmick was originally inspired by the character of Baron Samedi from the 1973 James Bond film Live and Let Die, and his character included similar theatrics and trickery to those seen in the movie. Papa Shango didn€™t quite have the sticking power that The Undertaker had, but the character€™s two-year run in the WWF was certainly a memorable one. Charles Wright, the wrestler that portrayed Shango also worked several other gimmicks and would eventually go on to greater fame as The Godfather, a fun loving pimp-daddy, during the €˜Attitude Era€™.
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