10 Worst Feuds Of John Cena's WWE Career

10. vs. Bray Wyatt In 2014

Bray Wyatt feuding with John Cena sounded like a really good idea on paper. Wyatt was still in his first year on the WWE main roster, so the thought was they could put this young guy with the top guy in Cena in a non-title feud and it would benefit him. Then they had their first match at WrestleMania. A win for Wyatt would have been a big deal. A true memorable moment for him. Nope. Cena won. Pretty easily too. A month later, they did it again at Extreme Rules 2014 in a Steel Cage match. It was a cage match that featured about as much interference as any cage match in wrestling history. Luke Harper and Erick Rowan tried to help Wyatt. Then for the finish, some little kid showed up to scare Cena, which allowed Wyatt to get the cheap win. It was a boring match with a weird ending to it. Their last match at Payback 2014 was pretty good. Since they were allowed to use weapons and they brawled all around the arena, it was enjoyable to watch in that sense. However, when looking at them strictly as characters it's clear that Wyatt was hurt from feuding with Cena. Who won the feud? Cena of course. The Wyatt feud proved more than any other that simply wrestling against Cena for three PPV matches isn't going to elevate somebody. That wrestler has to look a lot more credible than Wyatt did.
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