10 Worst Feuds Of John Cena's WWE Career

8. vs. Carlito And Jesus In 2004

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=op_nPnXT10k The reason Cena had a terrible feud with Carlito is because of the writing. During their rivalry in 2004, WWE claimed that Cena was stabbed in a nightclub in Boston and that it could have been due to Carlito as well as his big buddy Jesus. WWE went on to say on Smackdown that Cena was "fighting for his life" from the injuries. You would think that a man stabbing another guy would be a serious offense that would lead to somebody going to jail for attempted murder, but not in WWE. Cena's such a nice (and dumb) guy that apparently he's okay with only settling his issues inside a wrestling ring. Why did WWE do the stabbing storyline? Because Cena had to go film The Marine and that was their way of writing him out. They could have done something else that was more logical than a stabbing, but that was WWE's way of booking things at the time. Cena's feud with Carlito wasn't that bad in terms of the matches. Carlito won the US Title and then Cena got it back when he returned to action. They had a few matches that were decent although both guys were early in their careers and got better over the years.
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