10 Worst Things Vince McMahon Has Ever Done To Triple H

With family like this...who needs enemies?

Vince McMahon Triple H

For a minute there, it looked as though the biggest wrestling promotion on the planet was very much set for a fresh start of sorts in the wake of The Game stepping in as the creative successor to the recently disgraced Vince McMahon.

Weekly WWE programming became somewhat bearable. The folks bumping in-between the ropes appeared to be in great spirits. And the company's stock and viewership numbers remained in a strong position on the back of the departure of the crazy billionaire who'd been steering the ship for decades.

But then, in a depressingly inevitable development, the return of the Mac very much became a reality at the turn of the year, with Vince reclaiming his place as Executive Chairman of the Board and no-doubt plotting his equally seemingly inescapable return to the Gorilla position.

In other words, arguably the worst possible thing that could go down in the early stages of Triple H's new regime... has. And this isn't exactly the first time Vinnie Mac has gone out of his way to make his son-in-law's life that little bit tougher either.

So, with that in mind, it's probably as good a time as any to dive into the absolute worst things the on-screen villain and real-life egomaniac has ever done to The Cerebral Assassin...

10. Firing Him On-Screen For John Laurinaitis

Vince McMahon Triple H

Before focusing on the real-life crap the returning boss has launched his son-in-law's way over the years, it's first time to relive that bizarre period of WWE programming that saw The Game stepping in as COO after relieving Vince of his on-screen duties.

What followed that initial booting of the pink-suited Mr. McMahon character in the wake of the controversial ending to 2011's Money in the Bank PPV was a pretty turbulent time for both the audience and Trips himself.

On top of having to deal with a p*ssed off CM Punk and old pal Kevin Nash being an all-round nuisance, The Miz and R-Truth causing chaos every week soon led to the rest of the on-screen personalities giving the struggling new boss a vote of no confidence.

And in what likely sits as just about the most embarrassing thing any on-screen character - or real-life figure for that matter - can experience in their professional life, The King of Kings eventually found himself being relieved by his father-in-law later down the road and replaced by none other than Johnny Ace.

Here's hoping kayfabe history doesn't repeat itself in reality in the coming months, and the same John Laurinaitis who was let go after being implicated in the recent McMahon "hush money" scandal doesn't find a way to wriggle back into the WWE system, too.


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