10 Worst WCW Main Events Ever

Fans felt extreme buyers' remorse after ordering these shows.

Jay Leno WCW Road Wild 1998

Not long ago, just before the WWE network launched, pay-per-views were pretty damn expensive. Fans spent their hard-earned money once every four months or so (eventually every month) to see the biggest battles in the wrestling world settled in the ring.

The main events of these shows were supposed to make it all worthwhile. You'd hope to see a satisfying conclusion to the night, and then would wait in anticipation for the next big event. In WCW, that often didn't happen, especially near the end.

So when you ordered a pay-per-view from them, and were given not just a mediocre main event, but a terrible one, that could understandably make you quite angry.

As much as fans complain about WWE’s main-event scene today that often features John Cena and Roman Reigns, imagine going back in time to watch a show closed out with two guys who just didn't feel like taking bumps that night.

Egos and politics often trumped workrate in WCW. Because of that, we were left with wrestlers who were well past their prime, hogging the main event scene and featured on shows that were booked by people who didn't seem to know any better. Luckily, the standards are a little higher these days.

Now, as painful as it may be, let's relive the 10 worst main events WCW ever put on.

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