10 Worst WCW Tag Team Champions Ever

The worst WCW tag team champions ever are a laundry list of horrific pro wrestling history. Enjoy.

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The Monday Night Wars era was a bad time for championship belts, but few titles suffered quite like the WCW World Tag Team Championships. Some readers may have convinced themselves that a tag division built around teams like Harlem Heat, The Steiner Brothers, The Outsiders and The Faces of Fear was awesome, but no, oh no, those readers aren't remembering correctly.

This division was bad, with a capital BAD.

In the last three years of WCW's existence, there were 42 different tag title reigns. That basically amounts to a title change every month, but it was much worse than that. The titles were vacated six times in that three-year period. For reference, the WWE World Tag Team Championships were vacated just nine times over the entire 39-year tenure of the titles.

Some pretty wretched teams held WCW's tag titles, but many of them aren't really worth remembering. We all remember how bad Shawn Stasiak was, right? Flogging that dead horse is a pointless endeavour. Better instead to shine a light on the rotten side of this title history, further proof if proof was needed that WCW saw its tag titles as shiny props for big stars to pick up whenever they pleased.

To think, Meng and The Barbarian didn't even get a title reign. For shame, WCW, for shame...

10. The Public Enemy

scott hall kevin nash wcw

God bless The Public Enemy. Your writer was a big fan of this wacky duo at the time and found their table-smashing antics to be all sorts of entertaining. Of course, we teenagers were unaware of the damage taking chairs to the head was going to do, but there we go. There was something about Rocco Rock and Jonny Grunge that appealed.

As usual, the teenagers were wrong. Going through tables on the reg was one thing, but The Public Enemy was just about the bottom of the barrel when it came to WCW tag teams between the ropes. Rocco and Grunge were products of ECW and it showed. You see, that cult promotion was a wrestling show of two very diverse sides. One side was technical wrestling and Lucha libre, while the other was backyard wrestlers given a platform.

No prizes for guessing which side TPE was on.

The duo did get a WCW World Tag Team Championship reign onto their resume, defeating Harlem Heat for the belts on an episode of Nitro in September 1996. Needless to say, Harlem Heat regained the titles just one week later.

Of all the WCW World Tag Team Championships, none were more backyard than The Public Enemy.


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