10 Worst WWE Money In The Bank Cash-Ins

9. Braun Strowman (Hell In A Cell 2018)

Lesnar Money in the Bank

The Hell In A Cell match, main-eventing the pay-per-view, for the Universal Championship, ended in a no-contest. We can't blame Braun for this cash-in sucking, it's just one of those sad circumstances of WWE tripping up their biggest new stars in favour of the older part-timers. See every year in WWE since at least 2009 for proof.

This was WWE's last chance to capitalise on Strowman's fan support they had let trickle through their fingers over the course of the year, and they had The Monster Among Men announce his cash-in ahead of time, only to come up short when a wild Brock Lesnar appeared, ripped the door off the cell, and attacked both Strowman and defending champion Roman Reigns. One F-5 was enough for a referee to judge Strowman was unable to continue, and the show went off the air in a tornado of fan displeasure.

The same Braun Strowman who was mangled to death in the back of a garbage truck, only to saunter back onto TV the very next week, was deemed unable to continue after a weaponless beatdown. At the very least, WWE learned their lesson from this match, and never booked a no-contest finish to a Hell In A Cell match ever again...

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