10 Worst WWE Survivor Series Moments Ever

9. The 'Awesome Truth' Look Like Jobbers (2011)


WWE centered Survivor Series 2011 around the in-ring return of The Rock. Dwayne Johnson had played a big role in WrestleMania XXVII the previous spring, and John Cena had challenged him to a match the following night on Monday Night Raw. The problem was that the bout was set to take place at 'Mania XXVIII, meaning WWE had to wait a year to present it. In order to pad the story out and fill the gap, The Rock teamed with Cena to face The Miz and R-Truth at Survivor Series.

Madison Square Garden was on fire for The Rock's comeback, but fans didn't really want to see him teaming with Cena. Instead, people wanted to see the pair lock horns, and this match screamed of being filler. Worse, Miz and R-Truth were painted as losers. Teaming as 'The Awesome Truth', the pair were supposed to be a colossal threat to The Rock and John Cena. That's not how things came across; they looked like enhancement talents playing a minor role in a bigger story. The tag-team bout was the main event of the show, and didn't feel worthy of the spot. 20 minutes whizzed by without many offensive moves from the heels, which felt weird.


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