10 Wrestler Nicknames You Totally Forgot About

3. White Thunder (Scott Steiner)

For long time fans, it was quite remarkable to watch the career of Scott Steiner shift in the mid-1990's. For years, the man had been one half of The Steiner Brothers alongside his sibling, Rick. The duo had been one of the most successful units of the 1980's and 90's, but Scott was eager to see what he could do on his own in WCW. In 1997, he split from Rick and went solo. In the process, he also decided to cut off his long hair and bleach it blonde. In fact, the hair was so drastically changed in colour that it actually looked white more than anything else. Around the same time, Steiner started gaining more muscle mass, and grew out facial hair to give him more of a menacing look. Eventually, he'd be best-known as 'Big Poppa Pump', but that wasn't his only nickname. For a few weeks after turning on his brother, Scott started calling himself 'White Thunder'. The idea was that he was now able to become a true superstar. Ironically, he also used the name 'Superstar' in homage to Billy Graham. 'White Thunder' didn't last long, before others such as 'The Genetic Freak' became more commonplace. It seems Scott was simply trying some things out to see what might stick.

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