10 Wrestlers Currently In The Best Shape Of Their Lives

10. Jinder Mahal


An obvious place to start, but it's fair to say that Jinder Mahal's transformation from jobber to the stars and worst member of 3MB, into WWE Champion may have had something to do with the fact that seemingly in the space of a month he piled on the muscle and got so veiny he looked like a human road map.

Mahal was never in terrible shape, but his change in physique from generic mid-card body to dominating main eventer coincided with a push that exemplified what you need to do to be successful in Vince McMahon's WWE.

The Modern Day Maharaja attributes his metamorphosis down to diet and consistency. There was much speculation on how he achieved such spectacular results in such a brief period of time, but according to him it's due to giving up alcohol and eating loads of chicken & broccoli. He told Sportskeeda:-

"Overall, from diet to exercise, I’m seeing good results. I’m going to keep getting in better shape because not only do I look better but I feel better.”
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