10 Wrestlers Other Wrestlers Were Scared Of

1. Haku

haku 2001

Call him Haku, call him Meng, call him Tama Tonga, but don't call him anything disrespectful. Unless, of course, you fancy having someone bite your nose off or like going toe-to-toe with someone countless wrestlers have called the single toughest man in the entire industry.

Haku's exploits are stuff of legend, and it's no surprise that he tops this list. Put it this way: Bobby Heenan said during a shoot interview that André The Giant confided in him that he was scared of the man. That says it all, and so does the fact Kevin Sullivan witnessed him bite a chunk of flesh out of some poor fella's back and spit it back at him.

That's just for starters.

Shane Douglas once watched in awe as cops maced Haku without any success, and Heenan couldn't fathom what he was seeing when the Tongan reached into another chap's mouth with two fingers and snapped off some teeth. He's wrestling's most feared for a reason, and everyone in the biz knows it.

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