10 Wrestlers Wasted In Their Current Promotions

Spinning wheels and seeing out deals.

All it'd take is one booking swing to change everything.

Competition for meaningful spots is nothing new in any pro wrestling promotion, but there's a sense that both major companies (WWE and AEW) are happy to hold onto as much talent as they possibly can right now without giving everyone something worthwhile to do. Spreading the creative wealth is hard, no doubt, but this has led to some stagnations that just seem so... avoidable.

Not everyone reading this will agree with the opinions expressed. Some may believe that talent deserve to be where they are, and there's some merit to that - it's not always the writing team's fault that someone's skills don't shine on TV. Wrestlers have to meet them halfway, or at least try to inject some spark into whatever meagre minutes they are given to force the issue.

Think of this as a worried fan's commentary on where some workers in WWE and AEW are heading as the weirdest year in wrestling history pulls into its final few months. Would they be better off elsewhere? Perhaps, but there's still a chance to salvage something.

Or they could keep on wasting away...


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