10 Wrestlers Who Beat The Hell Out Of Each Other Backstage

When there's more drama BEHIND the curtain in WWE, AEW, WCW and beyond!

Batista Booker T

Most fans will have spotted those "AEW Backstage Assault" memes that are currently doing the rounds. They're a mocked up version of the old WCW video game cover, and make light of recent behind-the-scenes scuffles involving some of All Elite's biggest stars.

Such backstage brawls are nothing new.

Wrestling history is littered with examples of workers getting scrappy away from the ring. Ask any old-timer for their views on this and you'll be met with the same response: The industry is a testosterone-fuelled drama full of fragile egos and bad tempers. That, they'll also point out, will likely never change.

Brace yourself for hair-raising stories from behind the curtain in WWE, WCW and AEW. Those scuffles involving CM Punk, The Elite, Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara are making headlines now, but they pale in comparison to some fights that happened years ago.

Behold Chris Jericho's balls of steel, Scott Steiner's unmatched intimidation factor, Bret Hart's hair-destroying hands, Vince McMahon's lucky escape and erm... some scissors. Yeah, nobody involved in that last one will ever live it down.

These are the pro wrestlers who beat the hell out of each other backstage.

10. Scott Steiner/DDP

Batista Booker T

Late-era WCW Scott Steiner was scary as f**k.

The jacked-up 'Big Poppa Pump' intimidated fans around ringside just by looking at them, and he was becoming increasingly difficult for the company to handle behind the scenes too. Reportedly, after hearing Scott say some nasty things about his then-wife Kimberly in 2000, DDP tried to take matters into his own hands.

His fate? A thorough kicking at the hands of Steiner, and a reminder that those bulging muscles weren't just for show. Scott manhandled Page - it apparently took multiple people to haul him off a battered and bruised 'People's Champion' before further damage was done.

WCW's punishment was to... send Steiner home and suspend him with full pay. Wow, that'll show him, eh? This mismanagement had become typical of the promotion's top brass, but they probs just wanted the problem to go away and temporarily avoid seeing Scotty wreck more faces in catering.

This one had to leave DDP shaken up.


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