10 Wrestlers Who Buried Their OWN Promotions

Even Roman Reigns has publicly bashed WWE's product. He's not the only one!

Roman Reigns

Frustration is part and parcel of the wrestling biz. It'd be unrealistic to expect a locker room stacked full of egos and insecurities to tick along with zero problems, but most of the frustration typically bursts forth from wrestlers once they leave a company and have an excuse to publicly bury them. That's the general rule. There are exceptions though.

Here's to the crazy ones.

The workers here decided to scorch the earth whilst still under contract and definitely whilst having everything to lose. That'd be like you clocking in for work one day, grabbing everyone's attention by rattling a spoon off a plate in the canteen, and then bashing everyone from those at the top to those in charge of payroll for being incompetent.

It wouldn't end well, but then wrestling is also unique. Some people involved can get away with more than others because of their importance to the promotion. In one instance on this list, it was the actual people in charge who admitted that nothing was going as planned and needed to change in a hurry lest fans turn their backs on the product for good.

Cue palmed foreheads in board rooms across the wrestling world. 'They said WHAT?!'.

10. Big Show Hates WWE TV

Roman Reigns

Paul Wight didn't leave WWE and join Tony Khan's fledgling AEW revolution until 2021. Keep that in mind when reading this, because the then-Big Show went off on WWE four years prior during a chat with Chris Jericho's 'Talk Is Jericho' podcast. It was really something, and Jericho himself didn't butt in to disagree with anything his peer was saying.

Show said the following about working episodes of Raw and/or SmackDown: “I hate TVs. I just want to bash myself in the head with a hammer, ‘cause they’re just long, useless, time-wasting, bullsh*t days where you sit around all day for some freakin’ idea that absolutely sucks”.

Tell us how you really feel, Paul.

This caught some buzz at the time. WWE was still the only major option in 2017; there wasn't really anywhere else to go and make serious cash, so it was incredible that someone of Show's standing would vent this way. Wonder if he still feels the same about AEW TVs, or if things are different there?


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