10 Wrestlers Who Could Win Their First World Championship In 2020

9. Keith Lee

Matt Riddle WWE Champion

A veteran of the US indies for years, many wondered when a big time promotion would finally bask in Keith Lee's glory. For some time he was NXT’s best kept secret, an under-used yet brilliant wrestler just waiting to burst out onto the scene. Lee finally got his chance at this year’s Survivor Series, impressing fans and wrestlers with his astounding feats of strength and agility. Exuding charisma and an affable charm that contrasts his hulking physicality, it now seems only a matter of time before Lee barges his way through to the main event scene and some singles gold.

The question is: will that gold come to him on NXT or on the main roster? While it would be highly entertaining to see him squash The Undisputed Era’s interminable dominance of the yellow brand, he’d be an ideal foil for The Fiend and/or Brock Lesnar. Based on his excellent work at Survivor Series and impressive exchanges with the likes of Roman Reigns, Lee has what it takes to hang with the biggest stars WWE has to offer.

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