10 Wrestlers Who Could Win Their First World Championship In 2020

The chase is on.

World title glory.

It’s what every wrestler wants (presumably) and it’s what so few talents ever manage to secure even in this era of ‘You Deserve It’ chants. Workers often spend years chasing the gold before ever getting so much as a sniff of it.

With a new decade on the way and an influx of new generational talent taking hold, questions and theories of who will become the next generation’s Cena, Tanahashi, Styles, Bryan etc. are on the rise.

With many promotions spoiled for choice in regards to their rosters, it seems there are dozens of plausible candidates ready to take over in 2020. From monster heels to go away heels and babyface underdogs to babyface warriors, 2020 will be the time for change, a time for promoters to start taking gambles on budding talents striving to break out of midcard purgatory.

Here, let’s take a look at ten wrestlers likely to bag their first world championships in their currents promotions in the year to come.

Feel like some have been missed? Comment below about which new stars you believe will win the big one in 2020.

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