10 Wrestlers Who F*cked Up On Their First Day

9. Edge Injures His Opponent With A Somersault Senton

Edge F*ck Up

Edge was a product of the WWE developmental system at its most productive, arguably.

No, not the 2002 Class of OVW, though with Jim Cornette at the helm, the feeder promotion functioned tremendously. Before the WWF partnered with a formal group, there was what was known as the 'Stamford Warehouse'.

It was precisely that: a dusty, unglamorous space in which, in an acknowledgment that the system they had destroyed had to be rebuilt in some way, the WWF trained rookies and green early indie talents to ready themselves for what wasn't even designated the 'main roster'.

Edge was among them, and he was developed, under the expert training of Dr. Tom Prichard, alongside The Rock and Kurt Angle. That the WWF did this far more successfully than in the expensive, high-tech Performance Center is telling, if not outright damning.

He had the credentials and the training, and indeed the stuff, but sometimes things just go awry. Bad sh*t just happens. It's life. Edge, debuting as a "tortured soul" with an industrial rock aesthetic, worked Jose Estrada, Jr. The brief match was cut short when he injured his opponent's neck with a somersault senton.

The remorse was etched over his face immediately, but to repeat the point made in the intro: he got his second chance, and over the course of a glittering career, became one of the best and safest pair of hands in WWE's 21st century era.

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