10 Wrestlers Who Had Their Best Match Against Shawn Michaels

9. Sycho Sid (Survivor Series 1996)

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I guess Sting was right when he said Shawn Michaels could have an entertaining match with an inanimate object…

Okay, maybe that's a bit harsh, but Sid had gained a reputation for consistently putting on poor matches for most of his early career. Notoriously sluggish, the only somewhat redeeming matches Sid had under his belt were irrelevant tag matches, and it didn’t seem like he was going to break the curse any time soon. It just didn’t seem like he was going to be able to put on a truly good match, until he faced Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series 1996.

The match itself was lost in Michaels’ sea of David vs. Goliath encounters, but it meant the world to Sid. It proved that he could put on a good match when given a strong opponent, and his shock victory capped it all off.

To this date, it remains the greatest match of Sid’s career and stands as proof that Michaels really could work a great match with anyone.


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