10 Wrestlers Who HATED Losing

It's only a game but some played it so seriously.


When you read this list, you'll quickly spot a pattern.

Every entry centres around a major act that starred in a bigger, bygone era, in which, the wrestlers held a certain creative autonomy. They hated losing because wins and losses mattered. Wins and losses affected their aura and drawing power. If they lost too often, they would be stigmatised as such. Writing these words feels so unnecessary. And yet, somehow, the biggest wrestling company on the planet has lost sight of the very mentality that built it. It's like McDonald's suddenly serving up soya beans to its obese North American public.

Wins and losses in WWE don't matter now, at least in the baffling, chaotic narrative, in which a defeated midcard champion can simply choke out the WWE Champion to earn an "Opportunity". Wins and losses do affect their aura. This mentality defines WWE's ills; that Kofi Kingston Vs. Samoa Joe match died at Extreme Rules because Joe lacked any semblance of credibility in the challenger role. Perhaps now, with AEW encroaching on WWE's monopoly, EC3 might extort Vince and refuse to look at the lights for Titus O'Neill on Main Event.

Or perhaps Vince McMahon will warehouse him for his inability to speak in an Irish accent.

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