10 Wrestlers Who Hated Working Together

2. Kevin Sullivan & Chris Benoit

Triple H Cm Punk

Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit share a dark, dingy, and utterly depressing history. It stems all the way back to the early 1980s, when a young Sullivan ran into Nancy Toffoni, a young model who Sullivan helped bring into the wrestling business.

Nancy and Kevin were married by 1985, and she immediately became part of her husband’s infamous “Satanists” stable. After serving their time in the territories, Nancy and Kevin transitioned to WCW in 1989, then ECW in 1993. It was in WCW that Nancy met Chris Benoit, and while still married to Sullivan, she engaged in an extramarital affair with the Canadian grappler.

This all stemmed from an on-screen romance angle, and with Sullivan working as a booker at the time, it’s often joked that Sullivan “booked his own divorce". The affair soon came to light, and Sullivan and Nancy were divorced by 1997, but not before concluding one of the most bitterly personal feuds in wrestling history.

It culminated at the 1996 Great American Bash. Benoit and Sullivan had a brutally stiff match that spilled all over the arena, and continued backstage long after the bell had rung. Sullivan and Benoit were pulled apart by multiple members of staff, and their rivalry was so heated that when Benoit and his family died, Sullivan’s name was thrust into one of the situation’s most prominent conspiracy theories.


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