10 Wrestlers Who Have Locker Room Heat Right Now

9. Shane McMahon

Jungle Boy

The departure of now-former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon earlier this year may have seemingly hinted at the possibility of Shane McMahon somehow making yet another unlikely return sooner rather than later.

But despite it being Vinnie Mac himself who reportedly declared that his son "would never get another pop in this company as long as I'm around", it doesn't look like Shane's chances of making his presence known in WWE have improved in any way since his father's exit in disgrace in July.

According to PWTorch's Wade Keller (via WrestlingNews), there is still a substantial "divide" between Shane and now WWE Co-CEO Stephanie McMahon, with it being stated that fans shouldn't expect the controversial figure to appear on WWE programming any time soon, "unless he just, you know, goes rogue and just shows up at a show..."

That, combined with the star's "unprofessional" behaviour during the booking of this year's Royal Rumble, and the former boss' reaction being "extreme, but justified" in the eyes of some, points to Shane not exactly being all that welcome backstage under the new WWE regime.

The fact he was said to have p*ssed off a certain Beast Incarnate, too, doesn't exactly aid his chances of a headline-snatching return either...

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