10 Wrestlers Who Pooped Their Pants In The Ring

10. Tommy Dreamer


In an interview with the Quazcast some five years ago, Tommy Dreamer revealed the perils of working Mark Henry.

It seems a daunting task; Henry, a leaden worker at best before his awesome late-career renaissance, required his opponents to bump big to put him over as a major threat. He was also, legitimately, the strongest man on the planet - so his rivals suffered pain even when it didn't look particularly spectacular.

Mark Henry could beat the sh*t out of you, and he applied this maxim literally in a WWECW match with Tommy Dreamer. The story is eye-watering.

Dreamer absorbed a slam, immediately following which he detected an "atrocious smell". He felt nothing, and wondered whether Henry or manager Tony Atlas had ingested too much "protein". Upon departing for the backstage area, Dreamer, having left his clean underwear back in the hotel, decided to recycle his old gear. In it, he discovered a large "tootsie roll" - or, as he explained later, a "cube of poop". He thought he had fallen victim to a priceless wrestling rib - but then, remembering that Randy Orton worked RAW at the time, and thus wasn't in the building, he sought medical attention.

The doctor explained that this was "compacted old meat" that had resided in the upper bowel before the force of the World's Strongest Slam knocked it straight out of him.

And to think, Vince McMahon once marketed this man as a sister-shagging comedy act.

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