10 Wrestlers Who Pooped Their Pants In The Ring

The drizzles.



Go to YouTube.

Type '10 Wrestlers Who' into the search bar. Look at the fourth result, and don't give me your pearl-clutching b*llocks. I am giving the people what they want. You should be grateful.

Here at WhatCulture.com, we are aware of - and fully committed to banishing - what we perceive as an unfair and moth-eaten reputation.

We don't want to be the clickbait guys, or the negative guys. We have attempted to present balanced coverage of professional wrestling through our Ups & Downs brand, which isn't exactly a coded message, so Christ knows why some of you find this so difficult to grasp.

We travelled across a gigantic ocean to write positive WWE lists in a state of pure exaltation. We deep-dove into the Crown Jewel controversy in a thoughtfully researched think piece; we put over Daniel Bryan as the nexus point of main roster excellence in an editorial nobody talks about when they talk about WhatCulture; we generally try to analyse WWE's creative in a way that bemoans the organisation, and not the talented and committed roster that organisation squanders.

Clicking through a slide in a list takes less effort than it did to turn a page in the magazines you used to have to pay for, so quiet you. And be honest: you don't want to read a piece that provides insight into why The New Daniel Bryan is such an incredible act.

You want to know if Sid really did sh*t his pants.

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