10 Wrestlers Who Were Great By 25

Success straight out of the gate.


Experience is everything, or so they say.

Mastering the ring takes time and patience, as long as 6 years just to get good according to the legendary Chris Jericho. Hitting the big leagues and becoming a world champ takes even more with so many never managing at all.

There have been certain wrestlers over the years that fellow wrestlers, bookers and fans have all seen and known would become something special. Prodigious talents from day 1, seemingly born for the ring, who wind up leap frogging veterans for the top spots in their company.

Nearly all promoters are looking for that mythical super rookie, an all round talent who could (barring any injury or other such set back) lead the promotion for the next 10-15 years. Promotions all over the world and in every generation have accrued stars who shine bright with little prior seasoning. From exciting dojo graduates from the likes of New Japan and Pro Wrestling NOAH to a hot prospect touring the indies or settling in to WWE’s Performance Centre (hopefully not wearing 1 of those awful Property of WWE type shirts they keep handing to new signees), here are 10 wrestlers who were great by 25.

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Brock Lesnar
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