10 Wrestlers WWE Failed In 2022

9. Ma.çé

Sasha Banks Failed

Whether the fella has the potential to truly succeed as a big-time player remains to be seen, but seriously, how could you expect anyone to succeed when they've been lumbered with not one, but two utterly dreadful gimmicks in such a short space of time.

For former NFL player Brennan Williams, he went from commentating on Raw as Dio Maddin, to being a part of the horrendous RETRIBUTION faction as Mace, to nowadays being ma.çé of the Maximum Male Models.

The MMM faction hasn't been seen on TV since October, where they were left in the dust of LA Knight and yet again lost to the New Day. Given how this stable was a Vince McMahon creation, one has to imagine that Triple H will be looking at how to handle ma.çé, mån.sôör and Maxine Dupri from here on out - particularly with how the Game was quick to have Knight drop the Max Durpi persona and revert to his old self.

To be handed the poisoned chalice of RETRIBUTION, only to have that followed up by a dire modelling gimmick, even the coldest of hearts has to feel some sympathy for how Brennan Williams has been used by WWE across these past couple of years. Likewise, mån.sôör was another who could've easily made this list for talents failed by WWE in 2022.

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