10 Wrestling Feuds Where The Bad Guy Won

10. Triple H Vs. Sting


Incredible gamesmanship from the man himself here, with a cerebral assassination on par with any of the bodies he took out during his most competitive period.

Over the course of one storyline and match, Triple H managed to abandon months of plot that clearly positioned him as the heel in need of a battering, reframing the war as a last battle of Atlanta (not that one) between WWE and WCW and even managed to go over despite an expressed interest from one-shot-deal Sting to actually do more with the company later that year. In doing so, he commanded 18:36 of the show (not including extended entrances and exits) before returning later for a mammoth angle with The Rock and Ronda Rousey.

How did this even come to be? When Sting tried to stop Triple H's evil Authority group from terrorising WWE of course - a story entirely divorced from the match despite it actually marrying up with 'The Icon's history as a vigilante. He should have learned lessons from the Starrcade '97 omnishambles and stayed in the rafters...


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