10 Wrestling Finishers That Could Legit Kill You

'Things to try and things to watch' isn't just a catchy disclaimer. The risks are all too real.

Remember kids, don't try this at home. Or at school. What is that spiel these days? Things you should try and things you should watch. Either way, the premise remains the same; these men and women are trained professionals but the risks they take are very real. Do this at home and you are doing so at your own peril.

Pro wrestling is performance art, a show built around the idea of combat. A violent soap opera, if you will. One of the aims of it all is to make what you're doing seem very real, while not endangering yourself or your opponent, hence the 'trained professionals' thing. These moves might look dangerous but their execution ensures they aren't.

Eurgh, execution isn't the right word to use there, is it? This all might be a show but the moves themselves exist for a reason. If performed outside of the controlled environment of professional wrestling, they have the potential to do serious damage to hearts, minds, body and soul. Some can even kill.

People aren't meant to be dropped on their heads, stomped in the guts or choked out. Seriously, don't try this at home.

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