10 Wrestling Interviews That Went Very Wrong

Or; 10 Times Wrestlers Punched A 140lbs Man For Asking If It's Fake.

Ambrose Austin Stone Cold Podcast

Hands up. Who here thinks that scripted promos are suffocating WWE? Who thinks that, creatively speaking, taking all the agency away from the performers and forcing them to stick to a strict set of preprepared talking points flies in the very face of wrestling as a performance art? Oh, all of you? Buckle up then.

You see, as much as we all hate them, they exist for a very, very, very good reason. Wrestlers simply cannot be trusted to go out in front of a camera, shackles off, and not just lay one massive, solid, egg of huge mistake. Sometimes, yeah, it's just a duff line or a 'bit' that doesn't quite work, but you'd be astounded how many times it's a PR disaster.

As CM Punk once said, it's not a microphone it's a pipebomb, and wrestlers are more than capable of accidentally stuffing a live one straight down their own throats. Ok, sometimes they don't got off and we just get incredibly awkward bits of airtime, but every once in a while either the wrestler or their interviewer combusts into a thousand sticky pieces right before our eyes.

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