10 Wrestling Matches That Ended In Unbelievable Locations

1. Hardcore Holly And Al Snow Wrestle By The River (St. Valentine's Day Massacre 1999)

This match set the standard for doing matches in crazy locations and it can be argued that it hasn't been topped. It took place at the February 1999 PPV called St. Valentine's Day Massacre. The Hardcore Title was vacant (Road Dogg was too injured to defend it) with Al Snow and Hardcore Holly as the top contenders. Both guys earned a reputation for being tough, so it was an even matchup between two midcard wrestlers. The match started in the ring, but it took about five seconds to get out to the floor and for Snow to crush Holly in the head with a chair shot. They brawled into the crowd, used all kinds of weapons around the arena and then the action spilled outside the arena. We really hadn't seen anything like this before where the action went outside the arena and into the streets of Memphis. They went all the way to the Mississippi River, which was near the building. When you watch a wrestling show you expect a match to end in the ring, not by the biggest river in America. It was one of those crazy scenarios where you can't believe what's happening unless you actually see it. Snow brought Holly down to the banks of the river. Snow even tossed Holly into the river and then Holly brought Snow in. You could hear the crowd in the arena cheering as this was shown on the video screen. Keep in mind this was February and it was really cold out there. After about ten minutes of brawling, Holly found a chain link fence. He was able to kick Snow hard enough to knock him down, then he wrapped him in the fencing and that was enough for Holly to get the pinfall win. Holly went back into the arena to pick up the Hardcore Title while poor Snow was still trapped under the fence. It was a match that you can't really do again because of how crazy it was, but it was so memorable. Both Holly and Snow deserve a lot of credit for being able to put on an entertaining match in such a wild environment.
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