10 Wrestling Moments Everyone Wanted (But NOBODY Liked)

Yeah, you wanted WWE to make these things reality...but not like THAT!

Triple H Undisputed WWE

Every wrestling fan fancies themselves as a top tier booker in the making. Hell, the guy writing this article has brainstormed countless ideas that looked delicious on paper but would probably/definitely bomb if put into practice. So, one has to have some degree of sympathy for the overworked creative team.

Expecting them to make magic out of every single fan desire is unrealistic.

That won't stop people complaining in the end though. It's like: 'Yeah, we wanted it, but not like that!'. This is why WWE made a point to tell folks browsing their official website not to send in any storylines, character ideas or match concepts for decades - they wouldn't be looked over, and Vince McMahon was ultimately always going to do what he wanted to do in the end anyway.

Everyone's guilty of relentlessly lobbying for something then changing their minds overnight as soon as it happens. That's part of human nature, and pro wrestling is very-much one of those 'what have you done for me lately?!' businesses.

You wanted these things to become reality, then rejected them (sometimes rightly!) when they aired on TV.

10. Kurt Angle’s Comeback

Triple H Undisputed WWE

Kurt Angle's TNA run will never be appreciated the way it deserves. Why? Well, because countless fans at the time yearned for the Olympian to enjoy world class matches on the WWE side instead, and most reasoned IMPACT was a time killing exercise for Kurt before the real fun started again following his return.

Yeah, about that.

WWE brought Kurt back into the fold in 2017, and instantly did two things: Inducted him into the Hall Of Fame and made Angle Raw GM. The latter was viewed as a temporary step by fans, but nobody could foresee what was coming next. Jason Jordan became Kurt's kayfabe son, and then his career wrapped up with that Baron Corbin match.

Angle's second shot at WWE life was a complete disappointment. There were sparse highlights, like his mixed tag vs. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon alongside Ronda Rousey, but most of it was mediocre garbage that felt like a slap across the face to one of the greats.


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