10 WWE Characters Only Created For ONE Feud

Only two of these gimmicks actually lasted...

Zeus Zeus Zeus

Vince McMahon loves 'making movies'.

He said so in the controversial 'Beyond The Mat' documentary, and the evidence of Vinnie Mac's love for Hollywood-style drama is there for anyone to see in WWE's product. There are often distinct lines drawn between good and bad, happy endings are a pay-per-view tradition and the baddies spoil the moment to set up sequels.

McMahon is also prone to introducing characters that suckle from the same storyline teat as those they're warring with. These spin-offs are an easy way (in theory, at least) for the company to create new personas that give wrestlers immediate purpose; if they debut as antagonists for The Undertaker or John Cena, for example, then people should care about them by default.

That's WWE thinking. It's something they've tried time and time again over the years, and there's always hope that these characters can stand on their own two feet post-feud. Has that happened often? In a word, no. The success rate is rather low - only two gimmicks on this list lasted longer than a year before being repackaged or disappearing.

Even one of those went through the wringer before settling...


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